Monday, April 12, 2010


Oh Lordy. So, I've decided to get skinny and have no time to exercise, so I've been doing Bikram Yoga at some god awful hour that doesn't even deserve a spot on the clock because it's so miserably early. I love it! (Can't you tell). In case you aren't up on your Yoga-types (Believe me, I'm not) Bikram is the kind of yoga where your in a room that's so hot your skin melts off of your face. Up side: even when you're lying flat on the ground wishing you were dead, you're still sweating the pounds away. Down side: all you want to do is lie on the ground wishing you were dead while letting the pounds melt away. Unfortunately, they also make you do stuff. Like hold your food over your head... BEHIND you. All kidding aside, I've been really happy doing it and hope that I can keep this up. I've NEVER been an early riser, but this seems to be the only way to add anything more to my already hectic schedule.

The yoga studio I go to has water conscious signs everywhere. Signs about how you're only allowed two towels because they don't want to do too much laundry and waste water. Low flow shower heads. They do sell bottled water, but encourage you to bring your own water (which most people do). I have to say, it's nice living in a place where there are such water conscious businesses. I'm proud to be twisting my body like a pretzel in their name.

The only disappointing thing is how ridiculously long the other yogi's showers are. Now, let's forget that there is a line of gross, sweaty, smelly people in need of a good hose down (me included) waiting outside the shower stalls. But the amount of water that is wasted made my heart pound faster then when I do that half-hippopotamasama or whatever you call it where I'm half of my body is upsidedown while the other half is right side up. Is this what's going on around the world while I'm not looking? I mean, one girl even took the time to wring out her saturated yoga wear - and you know that mound of stink is going in the washing machine anyway.

Look people, a shower is for getting clean. That's it. Get in, get clean and get out. This takes five minutes at the MOST. If it takes you longer, you're doing it wrong. And even if you want the extra couple of minutes to massage your head full of shampoo, or loofa your legs (Loufa? I can't spell) or act out a scene from Singin in the Rain, just shut the water off! Because someday it won't just be a line of stinky pretzel people looming. It will be one heck of a dried up world.